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The Landscaping Show With John Roberts

John's show blends entertainment and vital industry insight, in a bi-weekly podcast. Hosted by trade veteran John Roberts, Fix Radio’s latest podcast tackles important issues from the cost of materials, to skills, tools and pricing jobs. It also provides a platform for the most talented landscapers in the UK to discuss their work, challenges and top tips. If you want to make the most of your time, while rain stops work, subscribe and download the podcast.

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February 19, 2024

Alex & Will Pettitt Return To Discuss Their Work & The Trade

Landscaping, award winning twins, Alex and Will return to explain their approach to conduction work and talk tools, training and the trade as a whole

February 5, 2024

Award Winning Landscaping Twins Alex & Will Pettitt

John Roberts is joined by Alex and Will Pettitt from Topoforma Landscape Ltd. to discuss their incredible rise to success in the trade that has seen them win gold at Chelsea and other individual awards for their innovative and amazing projects

January 22, 2024

Three Landscapers Give Their Opinions On The Trade

John Roberts is joined again by Scott Baker from Tidybricks and John Ward from JW Construction LTD to give their thoughts on all aspects of the trade and what they think the future holds for landscaping in the UK

January 8, 2024

Three Landscapers Chat About Their Experiences On The Tools

John Roberts invites Scott Baker from Tidybricks and John Ward from JW Construction Ltd. to discuss their experiences in Landscaping and the construction industry

December 27, 2023

The Approach To Working Through The Winter In Scotland

John Roberts is joined by two Landscapers from Scotland to discuss what working through winter is like for them in the trade