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John has worked in the landscaping industry for over 40 years and has gained a following for his honesty, authenticity and commitment to the job. If you are in need of technical advice, creative input or a sounding board then book in and talk with him today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service just for landscaping professionals?

Absolutely not, John will give his advice and expertise to consumers and professionals alike. For consumers John can offer help on hiring the right people for the job, planning, design and unfortunately he can also help if your project has run into problems for whatever reason.

I really need a site visit not just a phonecall

Understood, you will probably need to send us a message with all your details and we will see what can be done. The price for John's time will be dependant on how far you are from South Wales, so please send postcode along with site images so we can get you price options for John's time.

Can I just give John a quick ring, it'll only take five minutes?

We've set this service up because John's phone never stops ringing. Consultation calls take his priority so if your project is important do book in and he'll be calling you at a time that works well for you both.

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Get on a call with John to get expert, personalised advice that will take your landscape project from good to great. Available for both consumers and professionals alike.

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