About John Roberts

A landscaping professional, presenter, mentor, Greentop founder and friend

Hello from John

I am a qualified designer and have run my own successful landscape business for over 40 years, designing and building projects throughout the UK and beyond.

My career began in Civil Engineering when I was just 17 years old, I became qualified as a Garden Designer in 2004 from Pershore College, Worcestershire.

My career has organically moved into helping others within our industry, whether you are a business or a DIYer, this is something I am truly passionate about and a path I wish to continue to follow.

Over a decade ago, I started making my own videos and uploading them to YouTube for the sole purpose of helping people and raising standards within our industry. I really didn't have a clue what YouTube was back then (it was in the days of dial-up connection - if you're old enough you will know what I mean -  the younger generation won't have a clue what this is haha!), it was just somewhere I knew I could share my videos.

My profile has grown, but my goals are still the same, I am truly passionate about helping others, our industry, training, and improving standards.

If I can help, I would love to!

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