Walling & Rockeries

There are many advantages of having a rockery in your garden. It’s not just an attractive way of landscaping your garden but a fantastic way of retaining banks, creating that desired levelled area and can be also be an effective way to support many garden features such as Patios, Lawns and also reclaiming more ground.

Rockeries generally work best in banked areas where you can cut back into the bank and use the surplus soil to create a more unique authentic feature. It is always a good idea to see one of these features in a natural position as nature intended to ensure a more desired affect.

It is important to plan your rockery correctly to gain the full benefits it can offer.

For example:

  • The type of rock intended to be used.
  • The type of plants that is usually associated with this type of feature.
  • Making the most out of awkward shaped areas.
  • Creating a natural retaining wall.
  • Attracting wildlife to your garden.
  • Seasonal planting interest.

We have been creating these features for many years and have the experience and knowledge to realise your aspirations, so call us today and ask to speak with John.