Decking can give you a versatile unique outdoor living space. We have years of experience installing decking from small decked areas to large complex decking systems. Decking can be a very practical solution to un-even or slopping grounds. Its beauty, variety, texture and the natural warmth of wood can totally transform your garden space. We can install your decking in many different ways and materials to achieve that special look you are after.


We can supply, source and install a variety of different materials to ensure the right look is achieved as well as being practical and durable space for you to enjoy for years to come.

Softwood Decking

Softwood decking is usually the most popular choice for decking. This is due to it being less expensive than other decking materials. Softwood is usually treated with tanalith.  With regular care and maintenance, it could last 15 years. The deck boards come in a range of profiles and can be laid in many different patterns to achieve a quality effect.


Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking is highly resistant to fungal growth and can naturally offer a high level or durability and water resistance, without the use of any additional chemicals.

It will usually come in naturally rich deep colors that look even better when left to whether over time, adding a real character to your garden. With a little care and maintenance with oils, they can continue to look good year after year.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking is a man-made product consisting of reclaimed wood, plastic and other materials.

Composite Decking is low maintenance and slip resistant.  The plastic helps protect the wood from rotting and the wood helps protects the plastic from UV damage. What this means is that your decking will last for years to come and will need hardly any maintenance. The decking comes in a range of colours and materials and textures to create the look your after.


millboard deckingWe are  suppliers of the Millboard composite decking. Capturing the charm of real wood but eliminating it’s shortcomings for outdoor environments. Millboard decking boards are produced from prime oak samples and manufactured from polyurethane with up to 50% recycled filler.

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